Apples and Bananas



1) Warm-up: 
Show an image of the alphabet to the students and ask "what is this?"
After a few students share their answers, ask anyone who answered correctly, "How did you know this was the alphabet?" 
Allow time for students to answer.



Show an image of the word VOWEL.

Say: "What is this word? What sound does it start with." Sound the word out with the students. After they can say it, cover it up and reveal it a few times.

Sing the basic ABC song, and invite students to stand up and do a star jump when they land on a vowel.


Say: "This is the alphabet, every word is made for these 26 letters. They are all important, but 5 of them are very special."

4)The bulk of class (drills, show what you are teaching.)

Show the same image of the alphabet with the vowels somehow emphasized. 

Say: "What are these 5 special letters called?" Allow students to share their ideas with their elbow partner and then select a few to share what their PARTNER guessed.

Say: "Today we are going to sing a song where we use ALL of the vowel sounds. It's called Apples and Bananas"

5)Games or activities

Link to Song:

6) Final output (show the observers the students using what you taught them)

Say: "We are all going to sing again, and THIS time, I am going to stop and you will have to remember the vowel sound to use."

7) warm down.
Ask students to air-write the 5 vowels and practice their sounds