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Rula Al Dahleh

Designer & Illustrator




After 4 years of stopping my illustration work, now I'm back and have just started practicing. I used to be really good at it but I have stopped for a while so I am yet to find out if I still "have it."

Here's a link to some of the illustrations I have done:

I am starting my journey back to illustrating using watercolor because I enjoy the control vs fluidity techniques and the various color variations you can come up with.

I am uploading a mobile pic of the painting - when I get a chance I will scan it and replace it (the colors might be a bit off). It's also very dirty around the edges (was hoping to use photoshop to clean it up).

Here it is:


My watercolor painting (commercial illustration) back in 2010: I had so much fun with it


slowly getting back my groove, my inprogress donut :)



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