Apple study

Apple study - student project

I realise, that i hate apples xD
But, witnout jokes, I thank Hardy for this course. It’s very difficult to fit in the important information in just one hour, but you succeeded. And this information is really enough to remember what you taught or understand the basis for starting work in digital art. This bullseye took 1.5 hours or more, I did not pinpoint the exact time. I still have much to strive for, but I am already very proud of this work! In the distance, she looks good For a very long time I could not cope with the general masses of light and shadow, then too much contrast came out (the problem of all my works ...), then too striped. I had to watch the video several times and even change the brush. But I'm happy with the result)) Thank you very muсh!

(and sorry, I don't speak English well, so I use a translator ^_^')