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Jasmia Melissa

Discovering art again for the 1st time in 25 years



Apple Inspiration.

This was especially fun because I started playing with watercolors for the first time this week (I haven't picked up a brush since the eight grade!). 

I loved the idea of starting a watercolor painting with an apple. It's something simple and many people can resonate with the deliciousness, the appeal, the colors and the crispness of an apple. I love apples!

I started with the yellow w a tad bit of orange to make the shape of the apple. I then began with the red, dark red to add debth and shape... it was a bit tricky, and I played with the red the most. Mxed in orange to transition from the red to orange, used burnt umber and mixed with yellow, at times with green, then orange again to add different layers of colors to the lighter parts of the apple. I used Angela's techniques for layering colors, or subtracting (letting the brush soak up watercolor) or letting the colors bleed into each other. Using the dark purple, cobalt blue, and bits of black for shadowing worked lovely for me.

This was fun; thank you again! Looking forward to exploring and creating more.  



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