Carolyn Wiedeman

Education Designer, Skillshare



Apple Collage + Apple Pie

I went upstate to an orchard last week, and wanted to let the apples sit for a bit before I made an apple pie. For such a big fruit with so many colors and varying elements, I thought I would try a collage using just apples and see if I could get the variety I wanted.

I used just a steak knife to cut my apples and it worked great! I cut them at varying angles to show off some of the skin, and used some of the cores in the collage as well. I like how the color of the wood mixes with the apple, but looking back I might have straightened the collage a bit better, or had it run off the page.

I used all of my freshly cut apples and made apple pie! My favorite recipe is an adaptation of the Smitten Kitchen apple pie, and it turned out great! Since I kept the skins on the apples, their color bled into the meat of the apple and looked so beautiful. I have never kept the skins on before!

I enjoyed my pie after cooling, and really enjoyed taking this project full-circle and using the ingredients I worked with to cook. I edited these photos in VSCO, using the C1 filter for all of them to get a consistent, warm look.


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