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App for keeping track of money

My idea is to build an app that helps people keep track of the money they spend. The app is supposed to be very simple, it doesn't have to access any bank account or anything like that. The person just logs in daily and selects from a list what kind of product or service they spent money on and how much it cost. It should have an alarm every day to remind them to enter the data.

At the end of the month, they can request a report that will provide the total amount of money spent, and a graph that shows how much money they spent on the different categories of products (food, clothes, transport, bills, medicine, etc.). 

1.) Can you outsource this?

Yes. The person who builds the app doesn't need to be in my country, they will only need an internet connection. 

2.) Should you outsource it?

I think I should. I don't have enough money to spend on this kind of project, so I hope that outsourcing it will make it more affordable. Since it's a simple app, it's probably easy to build and similar apps have probably been done before. There's no complex technology involved, and my business doesn't depend on it - it's just an idea that I want to build for fun. 

3.) What geographic zone would be best for this project?

My first choice would be India, because I want to save money. I believe that the potential candidates from there have the required skills to build this kind of app.

Do you have any other recommendations? I'd like to hear your opinion about my idea.


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