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App : Spanish : Only for Kids

San Francisco May 18, 2013

My wireframe is for a website I want to develop

that shows the project I'm working on

and try to bring on the help I need.  

The rest is a long story:

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a far away land.  She crossed the sea and landed in San Francisco where she found a prince, had children and lived, and still lives, happily ever now.  She spent a lot of time raising her little kids and taught them her language.  She was so passionate about it that now, even after many moons she still dreams up ways to share this language with others.

Today she wants, like thousands of other people, to put pictures and voice and game playing into a little box.  She has got one of this little iPhone boxes and lots of ideas and content but she can't speak the language that the box does: C? Objective C? Cocoa? Open GL?.  She need to learn a new language, and find someone that is willing to write her first App, her first new game to share with the world.

My website is trying to put it out in the Universe that I'm looking for such person or group of persons to help me develop my new dream: putting things in a little box that lots of people would like to open and treasure : ) 

Y colorín colorado, este cuento se ha acabado...

This is my first page: page items for developers page

Then if you go to the specific App page: page items for developers page:

Coming up next layout based on this relationships thinking of it as a template.

see you soon!


San Francisco May 19, 2013

Below I copy one of the options od layout I worked out.  It is hard not to thnk of design as you are doing it but I tried my best.  I'll revise later when I hve a fresh head.  For now this is it.

FIRST PAGE- developers page

SECOND PAGE- one of the apps page


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