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   I wanted to start this project with a clean slate and see what I could come up with. So, I began with a short list of things I liked and/or found interesting. Then went down the rabbit hole of google image search. Then began looking at what juxtapositions jumped out at me and started combining images and searching for more to come up with these 2 ideas. I haven't decided which one I will develop more yet. Maybe both?

Juxtaposition 1
Gutterpunk Kaiju

    So, here is my first idea. I like the idea of kaiju monsters either in a punk band or just as homeless gutter punks. I was drawn to this because I liked the idea of the fantasticalness of the kaiju's with the attitude that comes with punk culture.

Juxtaposition 2
Abandoned Sideshow

    So, here is my second idea. I really love looking at and exploring abandoned buildings/ locations. I also always have dug post apocalypse worlds after nature takes over man made objects such as buildings. So these images really stuck out to me. Carnivals are fun to! So as we don't see sideshows much any more minus reality tv, I thought that what if the sideshow had overgrown and a cool comibination of a sideshow person that is overgrown like it had been abandoned.

Style Mood Board
Inspiration/Illustration style/ Position

    With this mood board I want to get a sense of how the toy(s) will be styled or put together. I like the idea of toys being articulated in a way that creates a sense of environment. So maybe it will be positioned as if it were doing something everyday.
    I also want to try and use a cartoony style with the art on the toy itself maybe with bold lines and such.
    Mostly I just want to have a few inspirational imagery to help me get a sense of the world this character will live in.

Any, feedback would be amazing. As this project develops, critiques are very welcome so let me have it.


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