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Aole in da wave

Fifth Step

I´m doing the last step. Final touches. But I don't know if it works.

I was thinking about the word "wave", maybe it is not a good one... What do you think about it?

Fourth Step

I want to upload what I´m doing because I'm losting in it. I don't like the words, only the concept, but it is not the result that I was hoping.

What do you think about it? It is true that It doesn't work?

Third Step

I just pick two designs and I tried to develop it. Resolve some things, some details. And I have to think about the next step. 

I don't know which one choose.


2nd Step

I did another scketches, I'm not sure if I'm doing that well. That's my first time doing this kind of work.



First Step

My phrase is "Aole in da wave", Aole is my artistic signature and I like the sea and the waves. Surfing is my prefered sport an i like to draw beaches and all related with this world.

I started the proyect doing a compilation of pictures that i like and expire me.

I like these colours, typographis and forms. Curves and a lot of lines with simple colours.

I was doing some draws becaus i never did a typography, i don't know which is my favorite.


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