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10 Words

So I'm behind on the projects and I'm catching up with everyone. I chose a few of the words and matched them with fonts that I thought were appropriate for each. With so many fonts to choose from and so many sources, I had no idea it would be so difficult. I would find a font and on the next page I would find another suitable one. 

Share your photo:

Below is the logo of a place in Kuwait, where I currently am, where I cut my hair. You can notice there's two words, just a fancy Italian name I'm guessing, in Arabic and English. The place is suppposed to be high-end. I personally felt that if the letters didn't have curves, but were rather straight (the C,A, and P), it would give a better impression of being high-end.

The Fundamentals Optional

So I typed out every letter separately and tested my kerning skills. Mind you, I've never taken a typography course before and I must say kerning is difficult. This is what I came up with.

Brands and logo types "Snap and Share"

This was in a package I received when I ordered some sneakers. What I like about this is that the font in of the body text shows Converse's personality as being witty and playful but the logo shows that it can also be more serious, sort of like geek chic as a style in fashion. That was my interpretation.


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