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Eniola Odetunde




"Anything worth doing is worth doing well."

I try to live my life with this mantra. Sometimes, it gets hard or tiresome, but it's something I'd like to live up to. I'd like to explore many different typefaces in the design and then reduce them to 2-3 different styles, max. I'd also like a 2-3 color scheme.

Typography Inspirations & Color Schemes

Warm-up: "Worth"

Thumbnails: The sketches I'd like to pursue are the ones with the black dots. 

I did the sketches using the word "Right", but I'd rather like to do the word "Well", because it's hard to design something that everyone feels is right, but if I'm proud to design something that I did well. I'll do a word warm-up with well and add it to my thumbnails. 

Well Word Study

Rough Sketch

I plan to space out the wording to better balance the page and create a half-tone dot pattern around the "anything" banner.

Final Sketch (before final inking)

Final Inked Lettering


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