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Anyone But Me


Dawn Edwards, a 34 year old housekeeper, is shifted out of her reality after being fed up with her average life. After experiencing life looking through someone else's eyes, Dawn soon realizes that the finer things aren't really what they're cracked up to be.  Will Dawn ever come to terms with the real her?Come embark on this incredible journey with Dawn--and all of her closet personas in this thrilling fantasy.


Dawn's boss and a few of her colleagues came strolling through the kitchen, boasting about what she had and where it came from. She did this once a month. Dawn walked thru the den, glancing at the group using her peripheral vision, not daring to meet eyes with the infamous Linda Bowden. She looked at the clock that read 3:15 p.m. Three more hours.

Dawn stared into the mirror, in the 'maids only' bathroom, which she would hide in around the last fifteen minutes of her shift. She dashed some water on her face, then teased her curly, natural hair. Her skin complexion matched that of the dim lighting of the bathroom. There's gotta be more to me than this.

It was just her luck that Linda decided against the on dragging torment that she thought would proceed through the rest of the morning. "C'mon." said another employee, bursting into the bathroom. "We gettin' out of here early". All the maids rushed out of the house like there was a freestore setup right outside. Dawn bid her friends goodbye and hopped on the bus headed for home.

As she sat, she couldn't help but think of the fact that she would soon lose her position at Bowden Estate. It was time for her to find a new job. She would dedicate all of next week to job hunting. While sitting on the bus, Dawn noticed a lady sitting across from her with a baby and a man she presumed to be her husband. Dawn looked at the lady until their eyes met. "How old is he?" Dawn asked. "He'll be two months tomorrow" the woman replied. I wish, Dawn thought to herself. She glanced the other way and noticed a woman smiling at her. How long had this old woman been staring at her? As Dawn departed from the bus, the old lady was behind her, beckoning Dawn to her. The lady held a beautiful hair clip in her hand. She signaled Dawn to stoop lower, and clipped the front of her hair in the antique looking piece. "Thank you" Dawn said.

Dawn got out of her half broken shower, recapping the day's events. She thought about all the dollars she would have to cough up to get around town to go job hunting, just to be told that no one was hiring at this time. She was tired of the minimum wage they payed in the state she lived in.

She was desperately seeking a job that payed a little extra an hour. She always had only enough to pay the rent and bills, providing the minimum needs of the children. But what about what they wanted? At least she would be able to get internet service. The kids had been asking for it for a little over six months now.

Dawn Edwards was too young to not be successful, but she gave up all chances for success when she began to bear children. There were three dads between four kids, but she ended up raising all of them on her own.

Seeing that it was almost 10, Dawn peeped into the kids room. Sleeping as they were, she went and lay in bed with Doja, the family dog. She turned on her bedside table lamp and continued reading a book titled '13 Going on 30'. She came across the part where the little girl had woke up and realized she was 30 years old. "I wish I was anyone else but me", she said. She bookmarked the page she left off on and turned off the lamp. Before she knew it, she was sound asleep.


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