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Anya Premilova

Self-Searching Artist, Illustrator



Anya's magic Sketchbook

Day 1.

I watched the first video in the morning and became so excited to try to do the assignment so I could wait to put my baby for a nap.

I picked some weird stuff and one of them happened to be this little weird brush, I don't even know where it came from. For the paint, the first thing I found among my art supplies was this purple indian ink, so I got started just splashing and scribbling, making lines between the dots, trying out this new tool for me.

At first it was kind of irritating, but after a couple of minutes I felt myself much better and got the taste of freedom :) It was fun and I came up with this cute little bird guy which I really like.


Dear Ria, thank you for the class, honesty and inspiration. Can't wait to watch the rest of the assignments.

Day 2.

So, I closed my eyes and poked the screen. "Geometric shapes" cool.


I chose two markers the same way


 and got started.


Random. I have no idea, but I somehow have birds in all of my abstract drawings. Looking at the picture I have an overwhelming feeling. But... that's how my life is actually. Got me thinking. I need to simplify things.


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