Anxiously Awaiting Winter - in a nerdy game of thrones way

I'm just a little bit (okay a LOT bit) obsessed with Game of Thrones (like the rest of America), and want to take a phrase from the show & turn it into typography that is ironically whimsical & joyful (the exact opposite of what this phrase means on the show.)

My phrase is "Winter is Coming," and is really an ominous & dark saying on the show. It is also a little ominous in the northeast if you are not a huge fan of winter, so it has dual meanings. Since we are nearing the winter season (oh god, please not yet), I figured there was no better time than to turn my Game of Thrones fantasy into a typographical masterpiece!

To my delight, upon doing a quick google search, I see that everyone & their brother has made art using this phrase. My goal is to make my interpretation unique & ridiculously joyful instead of dark & dreary.




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