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Ants on a Picnic

Unit 3:

I decided to go in the opposite direction with this project. I just wasn't connecting with my original idea, so instead, I started exploring my second idea, the bright, colorful, family picnic. I added a twist: we usually associate ants with picnics, but what if the ants are the ones having the picnic? Here's my favorite sketches and vectors so far. 

I'm looking forward to adding color!

Units 1-2:

I started with a brain storm word cloud, and quickly two themes emerged: A colorful, cutesy, family picnic, or a pastel, romantic, elegant picnic. I decided to pursue the elegant picnic, and add vintage flair by making it Great Gatsby themed.

Or at least, in the same era. I gathered visual inspiration on Pinterest, including these key pictures:

I especially like the color scheme in that collage

Here's a very rough idea sketch of how this could translate to a fabric pattern: 


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