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Ants Picnic

I managed to create my pattern at time! Here is my reppeat entered to the contest! Good luck to all!

And thank you so much MaJo, this was a great course!!!


And now trying to mix the repeat methods using first the Pattern Tool and then the second method!!


Hey MaJo, I took your advice and tryed the dotted lines for my ants path way, I think it looks even better this way. And you?

I'm having trouble to decide which motive I'll enter for the contest: if the ones right below (with dotted lines) or if the ones with the Ogee Reppeat. What do you think it will suit better for the contest?


Testing now the Pattern Tool from Illustrator and the Ogee Tutorial, which I found so great to play with!

I loved this Ogee effect!


Here are my final repeats using the Square method and then the Drop method. I decided to draw a few lines to represent the ants path between the fruits and cupcakes... After all which picnic doens't have these little insects walking by our food?

Square Method:

Drop Method:


I've been having trouble to find some time to do all the excercises from our course and that's why I'm just updating my project right now.

I've been working with Illustrator since 2003, so I'm not having troubles with that. Anyway, it's always possible to know newer tools and for that I'll have to thank you MaJo cause I discovered some great tools to work from now on.

I'm updating my project with some images from my chosen motifs, already colored and some excercises I've been doing practising the first repeat method for Square Layouts. I used to do this method for some of my patterns but I discovered a few awesome tricks to make it even better.


Hello guys!

First of all I want to tell everyone that I found this brainstorm amazing for collecting ideas for a pattern project from a simply writing down words... and the coolest thing is that this words just keep popping up!

I usually choose my concepts from visual thinks and never started this process from words. Loved it! Thanks MaJo!

I divided my brainstorrm in 5 major section: Weather, Objects, Environment, Food and Feelings. Some of these section turn out to create some sub-section, as for example:

- At the Environment Section, while writing down the word "Grass", I remember "Ants", then I created a sub-section called "Animails".

With all these words, sections and sub-section, I started to make connections between them and that's how I came out with my Design Concept, which is "Picnic Ants", through the connection betwenn "Ants" and "Cakes".

Have chosen my Design Concept I started looking for some cool images at Google and Pinterest. Here's my moodboard so far:

After that I started my sketching exercise, which for me is a huge challenge cause I'm not that good sketching, usually my patterns are very abstract, but I think is great doing this with figurative drawings, so I can exercise myself to create pattern in a different way. So, you can see my sketches below:

And that's it for now! Thanks! Sofia.


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