Antonia & the Universe

Antonia & the Universe - student project

My channel Antonia & the Universe focuses on self-improvement through mindfulness and minimalism and has the core message "I want to start meaningful conversations".

 - Simple self-improvement

 - Deep conversations

 - Minimalism

 - Mindfulness

I like to think a lot about any- and everything in life and through that find out how I can improve as a person and how we could improve the world together.

I am a firm believer in essentialism and minimalism too and I want to go through these transformations with a sense of self-love, determination and realism. We underestimate where these things can take us, but as you have said in this class, consistency, not volume, pays off in the long run.

Thank you for this class, Nathaniel! 

I am inspired by your determination to stay true to yourself through thick and thin and improve your stories but never adjust your voice to the popular expectations.