Antique finder or Weather app


 One idea is an antique finder. I often go on road trips and I always end up missing antique stores, yard sales and auctions., if miss the road signs. I could also add second hand stores or others, as I would with a pin on paper/map.

Such  an app could me help plan better my trips, based on the amount of “yard sails” or antique stores in the area.

I am not sure of the technical requirements if the  app could feed from sites like Kijiji or CL about specific items I search, or a category and guide me using maps. If anyone could enlighten me, I would appreciate it. 

 The second idea:

There are a gazillion of very sophisticated weather apps, for this exercise, I want something simple, a weather app with a humorous approach, it is based on a Nova Scotian window ornament that had the weather readings based on the ornament state as seen thru the glass window– If it was wet, it was raining,. If you can’t see it, it is foggy. If it moves it is windy, but it needs to include the humidity and wind...

I have seen an app screen that shows the screen wet, but I  don’t know the name of what was it about.

 I am still undecided…