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Antique Gardens


My pattern is based on the history of Hampton Park, a park in Charleston, S.C. that I grew up next to. In 1901, there was a World Fair at the park, called the West Indian Exposition. At the fair, a duck pond was built and an iteration of it, and similar types of ducks, are still there to this day. I wanted to interpret this period of time in a modern, clean pattern. I was very inspired by the plant-filled patterns of William Morris. 



I based the drawings of plants on magnolia petals and leaves.  They represent the classic, Southern aspect of both the 1901 fair and the present-day park. The dashed lines are representational of water from the duck pond. 



I traced my best doodles in pen on tracing paper and scanned them in to use in my final patter. I created the entire pattern in Photoshop so I wouldn't lose the hand-drawn ink texture by vectorizing it. I found it was easiest to move around the elements in a photoshop document that was 1500 x 1500 px with guides outlining the final 1000 x 1000 px square (the first image below). 




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