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Luca Ferrario



Anticonventional Freelance Designer

I'm Luca Ferrario, from Milan.

I've studied communication design 5 years now.

I worked for several clients, for free or paid.

I'm working right now in a communication agency, executing stuff coming from the boss.

Now it's time.

I want to be a freelancer. 

I really have this dream, where I can work on things I love, for people I like, and being paid for it, with no one telling me the way I should do what I do.  I want to build my own creative world, my universe that I can sell to clients. I'm Luca "Wist" Ferrario, Anticonventional Designer. Let's do it.

My Manifesto:

1- What am I good at?  Graphic and communication design, creative coding, digital art, manipulation and imagining impossible parallel worlds. And then, I'm good at learning stuff, analyzing situations, solve problems, being peaceful, avoiding trends (that's maybe bad). 

 2- How do I want to spend my time? Yes, I love design, but I also love tons of other stuff. I can't make it without music (I'm a drummer) and science. So I would like to spend my working days drawing and building stuff on computer, but also making cool visual and content researches to boost my creativity. And I really would love to have time for breaks, to walk outside in nature, to read books I love to talks with people and  to play drums.

3- What do I want to produce? First of all, I want to produce meaningful projects. I want them to be good, of course, but also to be relevant. Talking medias, I want to produce every communication design content, from logos to posters, from books to illustrations, from album covers to interactive experiences and websites, from types to calligraphy. Possibly, they should be experimental, and they shound not be only digital: I love to get my hands dirty with physical stuff.

4-  How do other people benefit from working with me? I'm an hard worker. And I am reliable. These are my main working cornerstones. Then, I really love to experiment on things I don't know (yet). I hate clichès and conventions, so I love to explore hidden paths far from trends. Finally, I know I'm quite good at working alone but also in groups. So, I'm flexible. And I'm an extremely positive person...too much maybe!

5- How will people find me? Hopefully, people that liked my works will spread the voice, but I'm still working on this one. Than, through the web: behance, vimeo, linkedin, facebook, my website (WIP)... And, I hope, from personal meetings.  



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