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When I started the class, some news came up about censorship of a magazine,

it reminded of that word we never use except in school: "anticonstitutionnellement" which means simply
"opposed to the constitution". Fun fact about that word is that it's the longest word in the french dictionnary, 25 letters which is one short of an entire alphabet.

So I thought it would be amusing to put the emphasis on the length of that word by basically saying 

"it is so long, one sketchbook is not enough to write it all" 


Then came the first sketch. You can see the very first in pencil, I divided the word differently.

Final version, a 5-parter where I also added the idea of using different papers/sketchbooks as I'm a big sucker for paper & ish.


I did the first part really quickly after the sketch on this A5 softcover ivory sketchbook. Really nice and a bit slippery, it's my go-to paper when I want to see the final result fast. Simple block letters with some texturing. I usually work in black & white but I was determined to use colours in this one since the beginning. 


This one came a few weeks laters on wrapping paper. Script lettering, instinctively done with a colour matching the grid. Pointless anecdote: I did it in 4th position chronologically.


This one was done very quickly after the first one on an A5 kraftpaper sketchbook I love and I keep for projects that are special to me. I was really happy with the end result.


This one was made 3rd on a clipped sheet from an accountancy book. I had to mak a second piece in block letters to balance with the scripted ones.


And finally I reached the end with this grid-A5 sketchbook. 


Final composition is a bit different from the original sketch but I feel happy about it.

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