Anthropomorphic | Skillshare Projects




I actually didn't realize that I created series until I watched your class. What I like to do when I go on photo walks is pick a theme. For this one, I wanted to capture the personality of the animals at a rehabilitation center. Without getting on a soap box, I feel strongly about animals having a place in nature. I hope to remove the fear or disgust of some animals through my photos. 

For each animal, I observed their behavior to figure out their personality before I composed and photographed them.

In my cover image, I waited for the opossum to look like he was smiling. I saw him do it once and knew that's how I wanted to capture him. 

In order to capture this one, I had to wait patiently. I saw him looking around so I positioned myself so the composition was through the leaves. I then had to wait for him to peek around the corner.


With the wind being strong, I was able to capture this Kestrel's reaction to it.


This screech owl just didn't want to be bothered. He was content in the safety of the tree hole. However, every so often, he'd peek out of one eye. I knew that was how I wanted to capture him since that suited his personality.



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