Answers to get me started...again.

Answers to get me started...again. - student project

Question 1: First of all, list your goals for learning or studying graphic design.

First off, I am not a baby designer, although I really do feel like one right now/all the time. I thought it might be refreshing to see how far I had come in my design journey and maybe revisit some goals along the way.

That being said, it is a little difficult for me to narrow down why I wanted to become a graphic designer. I love creating. It's what I have always been good at. Color, contrast, balance, expression has always came naturally to me. Not saying that I am amazing, but that with a little more training and practice, I really COULD be amazing.

I like the idea of being amazing at creating...some day, and for that creation to be useful to someone or something.

Question 2: Research the software you need to have.

I already have access to the Adobe Creative Suite and have had some extensive practice using all three major software programs, including some of the additional ones offered (coding, video and photo editing, etc.)


Question 3: Research equipment and list what you need to purchase.

When starting off my design career/study, I worked really hard to get myself one of everything that I thought I would need to be a good designer.

I got an decent iMAC desktop, a small MacBook laptop, a small tablet and even a DSLR camera, but after taking this class and realizing that I only use my Dell work laptop and tablet, I'm wondering if it's time for me to trade a few things in and minimize my equipment. They are not serving me and my needs really.

More equipment isn't the answer, but quality equipment is. Hmm.


Question 4: Choose your desired work option.

I am currently a salaried in-house designer at a nonprofit organization, but I have always thought about building up my freelance career a little more. I like the idea of having more personality in my work and choosing the clients and projects to work on. It would be great as a side job, if I can manage it.


Question 5: Where will I get my work and studying done?

Well, this IS the question right now. Because of COVID and a quickly growing family, I am currently working from a lap desk in bed, sharing this space with my husband and being interrupted every half hour by teenagers trying to learn at-home. (we're making it work...but it's tough)

In a dream world, I would love to be able to leave to a nearby shared creative space or office, with motivated and like-minded people are spewing from the seams with inspiration and project ideas. Which I guess leads me to the next question...


Question 6: Finding places of community and inspiration.

I need this so bad right now. I am extremely shy when it comes to other creatives. They intimidate me to no end and the feeling of "not being good enough" is REAL! My imposter-syndrome is killer and I have to get beyond this.

I am looking at all the suggestions you have listed here and silently examining the tribe/community/party from the outside, but hopefully soon I will gain the courage to put myself out there. (kind of like I am now in writing this) Wish me luck, y'all!

I want to thank you, Lindsey, for putting this very organized and beautiful class together. I understand that I am not necessarily the target audience here, but I have really found some value and guidance on what my next steps should be. Thank you again.

Amanda Boyd
Illustrator + Designer