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Answers to P Words

Positioning: Patagonia is definitely filling a niche for a product that is for outdoorsy, environmentally minded people. Its ads show rock walls and surf shops and stress the environmentally friendly aspect of their products.


Pricing: While Patagonia products are expensive (I looked on their website and their least expensive women’s jacket was $79 and most expensive was $699), they emphasize that they’re made to last.


Placement: It’s unclear what Patagonia is doing for placement, as we’re seeing their marketing in isolation. However, with the ad on page 3, it’s clear that they’re trying to distance themselves from other companies by using shocking tactics.


Promotion: I’m assuming that the email on page 2 was sent to people who are subscribed to their emails or have bought something from them before. This ensures that they are people interested in the Patagonia product.


Permission: The ad on page 3 certainly grabs the attention of the viewer with the large text saying “Don’t Buy This Jacket.” It entices the viewer to read the rest of the text on the ad.


Purple: Patagonia doesn’t seem to be following the Purple idea because in the ad on page 3, they’re telling people what to do (“Don’t buy this jacket”).


Publicity: The ad on page 3 is an example of Patagonia’s publicity, I think.


PR: Patagonia has a Facebook, Twitter, and blog that they run. In addition, they clearly have some sort of email newsletter as seen on page 2.


Placebo: Patagonia obviously believed that their Common Threads Initiative would work and that people would perceive it as efficient, or they wouldn’t have attempted it.


Pavlov: I think Patagonia is trying to make itself be immediately known as an environmentally friendly organization.


Persistence: Patagonia was founded in 1973 and has certainly been doing marketing for the last 41 years.


Place: It’s somewhat unclear what Patagonia is doing for place, but they’re obviously doing email marketing, which connects to the consumer on a personal level.


Personalization: Patagonia obviously appeals to their consumers’ love of the outdoors (the rock climbing on page 2) and wish to be environmentally conscious (the ad on page 3).


People Like Us: Patagonia uses this approach to say “Environmentally conscious people like us buy Patagonia products.”



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