Answers of the Tests

Hello, here I leave my answers:

Lesson 1:

1. No, Bishop captures the Queen

2. Yes

3. No

4. No

5. No

6. Yes

7. No

8. No

9. Yes

10. No, is stalemate


Lesson 2:

1. The white pawn is in a2, the white king is in f2, the white bishop is in c4, the black king is in b6, the black pawn is in d7, the black knight is in e6 and the black queen is in g7.

2. The bishop can go to d3, h1, f3, h7, a8.

3. 4 moves

4. Yes, the queen can capture the knights and the bishop.

5. Yes, white queen can capture the black pawn.

6. Moving the knight to e4