Answering the Questionnaire

Answering the Questionnaire - student project

Q1: First of all, list your goals for learning or studying graphic design. 

- I'd like to learn more about color theory, design psychology as well as the industry standards for formatting and document types. 

- My goal is to be able to take some freelance work, and perhaps being able to live off of my creativity. 

- I'd like to learn some tools and processes that can help me maximize my skills. 


Q2: Research the software you need to have. 

- I want to use the Affinity Suite, since I already have some knowledge of their vector program, and I like them. 


Q3: Research equipment and list what you need to purchase. 

- Regarding the tech, I have what I need, so all I need are the softwares. 


Q4: Choose your desired work option. 

- My focus will be part-time, with the hope that I can create a port folio to perhaps, one day, become a full-time freelancer. 


Q5: Where will I get my work and studying done? 

- I work as a respiratory helper, and I have a lot of time where I'm just available on duty, but otherwise not doing anything, so this is what I want to spent my time on. 

- By my computer on my days off. 


Q6: Finding places if community and inspiration. 

- Learn Design and Go Freelance 


- Lindsaymarshdesign on Instagram 

- Kalypsodesigns on Instagram