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Ansikun Logo re-design

website almost live:

thinking to go with this for now:

trying some type now:
no5?, no 7 is kind of cool because it flips, so if i make cards again with plastic i can print it on both sides and it would match (but might be too much)

and the jellyfish "a" has a little bit more wrench-shaped wings, more organic and more tech/network together, at least that's wat i am trying. it works ok on whirte background?

Sorry it took a while for me to catch up and dive back into work after a beautiful vacation. I made some sketches using the "a".

i want it to be more squid, flowing


a new approach, more focusing on creating an "a" for Anselm, also using several parts/overprint to make it look like symbiotic, network, buildign blocks, cell parts of a freelancer:



Linking, formation of structure, interacting, flowing through synapses, mixing, turning, tuning, exploring a shape, knob or button. I also thought of cell structures and how they tie together. That seems to reflect how i work as a freelancer, a single cell in a larger network.

electronic, alien, technology, stencils (subversive), round (alienating), bold (unafraid to make mistakes), can flip (clever)

cellular, map grid, layers

Blue ray laser, water, luninescent, rgb instead of cmyk, metallic, glow

- my friend Andy titus's logo (2n top) i think is clever,
- Japanese city logos (purple is Setagaya, where i live)
- few lore icons for network, cells, chemicals, buttons, on/off, play,

more shapes:


My old graphic design company was called "BoyzandGirls". We designed club flyers, posters, a magazine called "flyer", and websites for MTV.

In 2008 I switched the name to "Ansikun LLC" for reason I am not sure about.
- maybe to look more mature, the work now is mostly User Interfaces
- I almost permanently moved to Japan, and added the extention "kun" to my nickname "Ansi" which sounds like a "Ansiboy" in Japanese.

in this PechaKucha i talk about past and present work:

i really liked the old boyzandgirls logo, but the Ansikun logo never had punch. I have mde a plastic business card, which is a very important introduction tool fro poeple to pronouce and remember my name, and it always attracts attention, it literally "opens doors".

What Ansikun LLC does:

specializing in User Interface & Experience.
- websites for real estates, e-commerce dog cages for vehicles, TV calibration discs
- websites for musicians, promotion companies, a japanese trend-scout and prototyping company
- websites for photographers
- DVD and BD releases

User Interface is required whenever a panel demands interaction with a user.
User Experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful, ease of use and efficiency aspects of the interaction.

My work is linking, formation of structure to make the navigation intuitive.
All interactive panels need an aesthetic User Interface design, but effective navigation also needs to be valuable, useful and effective.
It also has user-centric issues like appropriate style and language.

Good user interfaces are crucial for a good User Experience. It doesn’t matter how great a technology is — if we, designers, don’t manage to make user interface as intuitive and attractive as possible, the technology won't reach the user and won't keep them impressed or involved.

Another specialization of Ansikun LLC is Motion Graphics and Video Editing, Broadcast Graphics.
Color, size and layout behave differently on screen, esapecially when time and sound are involved. Motion and music or sound can affect our emotions stronger then visuals, because we can close our eyes, but cannot stop time or close our ears.

Age: I am 43 yrs old, but my design targets a young audience. (MTV, record labels...), hopefully it's less trendy and more timeless.

Gender: doesn't apply.

Education: nerds like smart, clever, effective, sharp, pointed (sounds like an UI description). very important: it needs to have a subversive edge, not following the propagated system.

Income: middle. Happiness doesn't grow beyond a diginity level of money and I am not materialistic enough to mingle with the rich crowd, not my language.

Urban: Information flows similar to an urban grid.
I get a lot of jobs through social networking and meeting with people, I am very sociable and optimistic.

International: originally from Germany, lived in NYC for 25 years, now on/off in Tokyo. My office can be anywhere as long as it connects to the internet. Many clients I have never met personally.

What I am not: gamer, hard-core programer (but i like puzzles), my style is not a typical corporate.


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