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Ansco Camera Poster Ad

I decided to try something different for the poster, while still using the techniques that were used in the previous lessons. I combined my own photograph with shapes and blending modes to come up with this poster:

I masked out  the vintage camera from this photograph: (I did not include the strap, for the sake of time and complexity - and for my sanity!) I think if I were to do the mask again, I would use the clone stamp tool to make the end of the strap dissapear. 

The photograph is my own, the camera was given to me by my Grandfather-In-Law when we were cleaning out his century old garage. I applied an action to the photograph that I already own to make it look like it was taken with a vintage type of camera. I know that my poster is coloured and it is unlikely that these cameras took coloured photographs, but I wanted to add a bit of colour so I could play around with the blending modes and textures as we were taught in the lesson. 

On a side note, there was actually film inside this camera but I did not know, so when I opened it I ended up exposing all of the images. I was SO dissapointed. :( 

Anyway, I used various shapes to make the square photograph shape around the camera and the shapes you see in the background. I overlapped some of them and used various blending modes. I applied an inner shadow to the square to make it look like an Instagram style vintage photograph. That was confusing at first, but eventually I figured it out. 

I pulled the text and font ideas from this vintage ad for Ansco Cameras: 

The rest, was just a little bit of my creative flair. Oh, and I did as some textured patterns to the paper throughout the image and around the outside edges. 

This was super fun and I love that I am learning new things along the way. THANK YOU! 


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