Another very usefull exercise

Another very usefull exercise - student project

So this flower from my balcony was meant to be my motive. :)

Another very usefull exercise - image 1 - student project


These were my attempts...

Another very usefull exercise - image 2 - student project

I ended up preferring the last one. With 3 and 9 I would like to play more, also add some color play.

Things I have learned:

- i prefer thicker outline in this type of illustrations
- focusing on detail and putting context in background got my thumbs up
- drawings are nicer when I keep the flow on
- framing is very important
- use colors and contrast to make stuff pop out
- don't be afraid to fill most of the paper
- don't center the main object unless you are going for symmetry
- try switching up colors, play with it
- play with geometry and symmetry
- most of all, these are all to similar and focused on the object, I need to loosen my mind more while drawing :)

A word of two that describe the images:

1) reference

2) color play

3) geometric

4) pointy

5) sad :(

6) lotus :)

7) nah

8) fill it up

9) has potential

10) winner takes it all

Thanks for another fun workshop Marie-Noëlle! :)

I think I will use it here and there to refine ideas before starting to draw a piece.