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Another temp app

Hello, everyone! 

This class has been fascinating so far!
Now, without further ado, here's my Temp attempt.

Now, a few words about the app itself:

The user has a ton of weather apps to choose from. Why should he choose this one? Here's where the changeable background comes in. Think, say, wetransfer's changing backgrounds. Once the app is downloaded, the user will be able to link it to his/her flickr/instagram account. Every so often (once per day? twice)? the background picture will change for all users, promoting a random user's photography. Discover new images and promote the user's own photography. Incentive! 

The phrase below the temperature will change according to the temperature range shown above.
I also thought a half circle would work better than a full circle in this case, since I wanted the user to be able to browse through the day's temperature changes, while also obstructing as little of the background picture as possible. 
The fact that it looks like a smile is an added subconscious bonus, since this whole app is a little tongue in cheek! 

Other ideas include: 
Why just list the major cities' temperatures? Make it fun! 
Once the user choses the upper right tab, the choices "Show me somewhere warmer" or "It's hot! Show me somewhere cooler" (or something similar) will appear! I'll try to expand upon this idea and upload an additional screen or two. 

Comments? Ideas? Corrections? Bring it on! I'm a newbie at this and can use all the feedback I can get! 


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