Another Watercolor Updated-Double Takes

My name is Diana, and I love illustration but more so illustrating fashion. I have a Cuban heritage so I am drawn to things full of color and passion. My hope is to gain knowledge on how to not only improve my work but also to gain insight overall from others in the class and of course Katie, whose work I find to be very inspiring!

In fact, coming across Katie's website is really what drew me to get back at my art and really aim at growing my passion for illustration into an actual income (hopefully)! I work full time right now doing marketing and really enjoy my day job but would love to be able to grow my art into a side job and one day my main career!

I have selected the following images for inspiration for numerous reasons. Some of these have amazing colors or textures or both. Some it's the combination of the full look coming together in way where it just clicks-bottom line, for each of these when I saw them I instantly loved them!

I am excited to work on my project further!



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