Another Social Gathering


  • Kind-hearted
  • Passionate and enthusiastic



  • Alcoholism
  • Anxiety

1. Do you believe in god?

Present: Not a chance. I group up going to church and always felt I had to go. As soon as I could think for myself I was out of there. 

Future: I guess I believe there is a higher being. I mean there has to be right? How else did it all begin? But am I religious? No.

Past: Yeah. I am actually a youth leader at my church. I go to church twice a week.

2. What do you do for work?

Present: I am a manager in retail. But only whilst I am figuring it out. I’m studying part-time. And you know, just trying to enjoy life.

Future: I own my own business. Just a small boutique retail shop. I love it. My staff and customers are amazing.

Past: Working retail. It is cool. Work with the coolest brands.  

3. What are you passionate about?

Present: I know this is weird but I love sports. All kinds of sports.

Future: I love sports. But I love music as well. 

Past: Music is life!!

4. Do you have any skills and or hobbies?

Present: I used to play bass. But I was pretty rubbish so quit.

Future: Lol funny story, I used to tell everyone I played bass and guitar, something like that. But I actually couldn’t play anything. I love to listen to music with guitar and bass in it.

Past: I play bass. But I would love to learn the guitar.

5. What kind of music are you into?

Present: I love all kinds of music. It depends on my mood.

Future: Predominantly rock music. And you can’t beat the classics!

Past: What kind of music are you into? Yeah cool! I love hip hop too!

6. What TV shows and or books are your favourite?

Present: Games of Thrones and Breaking Bad are badass!!

Future: I can't really say I watch too much TV unless it’s sports. I read books though. I lot of biographies. I just finished the one about Kurt Cobain. So good!

Past: I love shows like family guy and south park too. The best!

7. Cat or Dog person?

Present: Neither! Pets Schmets!

Future: I am definitely a dog person. My dad put my dog, Josh, down. It broke me. Also, I’m allergic to cats. That makes the choice pretty easy.

Past: Dog. I have a dog Joshie. He is the best! My dad has 3 cats… But they are lame.

8. Drink out at the pub or club or stay in and have a chill one?

Present: Stay in and have a whiskey or ten. Haha. But seriously.

Future: Chill one. With a glass of wine with a friend or a “friend”.

Past: Clubs. That is where the ladies are at right?


I follow Sam into the crowded pub. We were meeting with a group of Sam’s friends. People with whom I have only met in passing, if at all. Small groups, I am fine with. People that I actually know, even better. I feel the pit in my stomach deepen and walk directly to the bar. Sam heads to the group waiting for our arrival. I feel some level of comfort as I arrive at the bar. The hoppy aroma beer, the lack of expectation to socialise, the anticipation of inebriation. I order and shot one glass of whiskey. The smooth burn of the whiskey eases some of the anxiety and tension I feel. I order another and a gin and tonic for Sam. I make my way over to the group and see the conversation and laughter flowing comfortably. I make eye contact with exactly no one and give a general mumbled greeting to the group of strangers and mild acquaintances. I hand Sam the gin and tonic and get introduced. I receive an unexcited greeting and they quickly resume the preestablished banter. Fuck! This is going to be a long evening I think to myself. Maybe a few more whiskeys will help.



Max sees a group loudly greet a pretty brunette. He quickly looks back to the customer waiting to be served. A whiskey is ordered and quickly shotted. Max is signalled to bring another and a gin and tonic. The guy refuses eye contact as the money is handed over with shaky hands and quickly shuffles away with the drinks. Max watches the guy awkwardly walk over to ‘the group’ and the ‘pretty brunette’. The guy hands her the gin and tonic. Interesting. Probably friends. That guy gives off maximum weird vibes. There is no way they are a couple. No way a guy that awkward could score a babe like that. Right?