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Another Shepard Fairy one :)

I took this class forever ago and I'm very excited to finally have the time to complete the project! I also just got a Wacom tablet, so this is the perfect chance to practice. 

Here's the original piece:


Here's the progress of the first day:


April 27th, 2016 Update:

After a couple more sessions, I got some more details down and the main typography.

I really struggled with the roses and the lines on the hair. I used the blob brush tool at first and I couldn't figure out why the edges would turn out really jagged on the roses, which I actually did not notice until I re-opened the file later on. Eventually, I recurred to the Object>Path> Simplify option to make them nice and smooth, but I'd like to know how to get them right from the begining. (Wish I had taken a screenshot of them before the fix!) 

I tried out the pressure variation function of the brushes to get some practice with the Wacom. I couldn't get them to look right and ended up editing them manually with the direct selection tool. It'd be fantastic to get a class on how to configure and use those!

Here's how it's looking so far:



May 5th, 2016 Update:

Almost done! Just gotta take care of the alignment, fix the colors and scale down the middle symbol.



Looking closer at the upper hair lines, I found the issue with the blob brush tool I mentioned earlier (lines becoming jagged and messy at the ends) :


Can anyone tell me if there's a setting I should be adjusting to avoid this problem?

May 6 th, 2016




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