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Another Life Time

I chose to illustrate my daily routine from when I was living in Japan teaching English last year. I'm trying to record all of my experiences while I still remember and thought that this would be an ideal way to remember my routine. I've done a couple of icons before, but that was a mixture of self-taught and me guessing.

My daily routine.

Playing with iconic and narrative icons.

The semi-final muddled up routine sketches. I was going for narrative icons, but I'm not sure if they are all narrative...

An example icon!

A final illustrated version, including a rough time chart spent on each activity and a colour assigned to the energy level... Probably doesn't work as well as I wanted, but it was fun to think about and create!

I tried to keep the same style with all of the logos and to keep them simple, it was such a challenge to do it!

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek.


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