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Hannah Newnam

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Another Graphic Designer? Yep.

In the Beginning

Hello all. My name is Hannah Newnam. I'm 24 years old and I've been a graphic designer for a whoppin' 2 years. I've been working in a small printing and embroidery business (there are 3 of us), and we are expanding to signage and promotional producst as well. I've gotten a little taste of printed paper goods since working with this company, and have found that printed paper goods are my passion. I absolutely love business cards, flyers, stickers, invitations, cards, labels, bookmarks, all of that stuff!

So there ya have it. I would like to start my own graphic design business, offering a variety of printed paper goods. My hometown does not have many businesses that offer high quality printed paper products, so I would love to be the one to offer them. And I can not deny that the thought of being my own boss and setting my own schedule sounds heavenly.

Customers will want to buy my products because the designs will be unique, customizable, and great quality. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are ranked pretty high on my list of qualifications. Besides the overall design, craftsmanship distinguishes a good product from a GREAT product. Careful planning and organization, in my opinion, are necessary to complete a project in a timely manner and with as few hiccups as possible.

I am not business savvy. Working in a very small business for the last two years has taught me a huge amount about how small businesses run, but I lack the knowledge/terminology that is necessary for being a successful entrepreneur. I’m taking some basic business courses so that I do not sink my business from the get-go. I also struggle with assertiveness. I have a pretty quiet and reserved personality, and hate to step on people’s toes. I realize that in order to be successful, I am going to have to be a go-getter, aggressive even, which will take some work, but I can do it.

In the short-term, I do not foresee needing a parter to balance out my weaknesses. I will be starting out working from home in my spare time. If the business grows to more than I can manage, then I will more than likely hire help and possibly open up a store front. My long-term goal is for this business to become either my primary career, or a supplemental venture while I am a home-maker/wife/mother.

The startup cost would be the most expensive part of my business. I need to purchase a printer/cutter, as well as the printable material. Beyond the initial startup, the cost of printed paper goods is quite cheap, so a hefty markup is reasonable.

A similar company that I admire is They offer high quality products, and it is obvious that they take great pride in their work and offerings.They regularly post great examples of their products and offer explanations for just about any question you may have. Their website is user-friendly, and very bright and eye-catching. They also post helpful articles, tips and tricks, and profiles of other businesses/people, to inspire you.

Branding: Who am I? Who am I after?

Stream of consciousness…5 minutes...GO!

distressed, vintage, girly, shabby chic, sticky, appropriate, fun, kid-friendly, versatile, custom, labels labels labels, home decor, weddings, invitations, parties, colorful, bright, moody, reminiscent, modern, typography-loving, wild, friendly, customer-service oriented, understanding, communicative, demonstrative, supportive, accommodating, sweet, savory, salt of the earth…

I will have two types of target customers: small businesses and the women of my hometown. I will target the small business with a variety of offerings such as business cards, flyers, promotional stickers, banners, etc. I have found that the majority of women in my hometown (and I’m sure this is probably true everywhere else in the USA) LOVE customizable products. They love monogrammed cards, a magnet with their son’s baseball team logo and his number, their little girl’s party invitations, a monogram for the back of their car; I could go on and on. They wear mom jeans and frumpy t-shirts. They hang out with their families at the little league baseball field, or the local ice cream parlor, or host Mary Kay parties. For their can’t-live-without-it customizable products, they go to companies like the local office supply store with perforated, printable business card sheets; they download free printable birthday invitations off the internet and print them on copy paper; they fall for the latest online ad for “sign up and get 20 free!”. The similarity between these sources? CHEAP. The recurring problem I see is that they want the cheapest thing they can get, and in most cases it looks cheap with bad design and bad quality. I want to offer the women and small business of my town great design and great quality for a reasonable price. I truly believe that if they see great design and great quality, they will be willing to pay just a little bit more for it. Yes, I am out to make a profit, but I also want to show people just how effective great design and great quality can be.

I can partner up with local apparel screenprinting shops to recommend my business when people ask where they can get printed paper products made. I can post my business cards in the local ice cream parlors and burger joints where families go after their baseball game. I can post flyers at the city park and events area. Being a member of the chamber of commerce is necessary, of course.

To complete my overall package:

  • brand name
  • logo design
  • tagline (maybe)
  • product examples (including great photos)
  • Comments

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