Another Day on the Job

Another Day on the Job - student project

*Yawn* so when do we get to the paperwork?

Another Day on the Job - image 1 - student project

  After looking through the class slide show, I was to and from school and noticed a large volume of fire department racing up and down the street. So I thought of what would be, for them, an average day on the job. 

Compostional elements in my head while creating: Diagonals for action both in pose and in the triangle that masses the fire. I put more detail in the helmat in order to draw attention as well as used the lines of the building side and ledges to create lines leading to him. Slight upshot towards flame to show its menace, but the firefighter will win as he is progressing from left to right.

I had difficutly with the fire as I wasnt sure how to create the right contrast without loosing my shapes so I simplified, any feedback would be much obligued! 

Made with watercolour brush and pencil.

Looking forward to the rest of the class!