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Anonymous Creations - Tribal Keyhole Denim Snapback Hat

Anonymous Creations is a Denver, Colorado based lifestyle apparel line visually connecting skateboarding, fashion, music, and art. We strive to create importance around the artists involved and stray from the traditional image of a brand name. Our products are carefully thought out and researched to provide unique, long lasting merchandise. We carefully choose our manufacturers to ensure quality before production. 

My name is Allen Pettenger and I am 20 years old. I launched AC beginning of 2012. 2 years into the game has taught me so much. I was very fortunate to work from the get go with a quality manufacturer who takes good care of us. They provide knowledge only a manufacturer can teach, so I learned like a humble student. Jeff's class has already taught me so much, and I can't wait to learn more. I am currently reading "Unlabel" by Marc Ecko and it truly is a wonderful insight into the fashion industry from a perspective most of us can relate to. We are about to do our biggest expo / trade show called The Bank Sale in Los Angeles, and I am very excited to take the brand west and establish ourselves among the fashion industry even more. I really feel trade shows and wholesale orders are the way to go for your brand as a designer. I truly hope you all love what you see, and can see that I am passionate about what I do. Please check us out on Facebook and Instagram and "Stay Visually Connected!"

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