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Anobrain//Art Business Card


I'm in the process of "rebranding" my book cover design business to include other services. It's a long, confusing process, but exhilirating at the same time. A new website, promotion, PRICES are all things that I've been mulling over, but a business card is something I honestly never thought about having. I'm excited to go through this class, and so far the videos have me even more excited to start the design process.

Next up, inspiration board...

[Update 1]

I took Jon's advice and used Pinterest to gather some inspiration. I noticed I was gravitating toward all types of styles. One minute I'm positive dark cards with gold foil are the greastest, the next I'm all about simplicity with a "pop" of something. Eventually I weeded out some cards with styles I probably wouldn't use, and those that I lost interest in.

My Inspiration Board

Below are some of the cards that really stood out to me. A few I like for their simplistic design. I like the thought of using a script font, and using patterns or again..."pops" of something. And colored edges? Awesome!


to be continued...

[Update 2]

I had a couple favorite Jukebox cards, but this one was my ultimate:


The bold colors against the stark white, and the fact that you can subtlely see the wood grain is pretty awesome. I'd imagine it feels great in the hand too! The card is completely different than what I'd image mine would look like in the end, but I love that it has a "little extra" while still resembling a traditional business card.

[Update 3: SKETCHES!]

This is where I had the most difficulty thus far. To start, I'm a perfectionist so sketching is foreign to me. Not to mention I typically "sketch" in Photoshop (several times during this phase I actually motioned to press "ctrl+z"). 

Anyhow, I wanted to go with something organic for the main design. Maybe a brain, or neurons? But I really liked the idea of using branches. Since I dabble in all sorts of design right now, branches kind of represent sort of a connection, something that's beautiful and rustic, or in my case as a growing designer, something that's constantly evolving.


Next design :x

[Update 4]

I couldn't make up my mind as to which direction I wanted to take, even though I initially decided on using branches. It's difficult for me to imagine the final card, and whether or not it will come out unique. I know that I liked the natural birch wooden cards which is indeed unique, but what else could I do that ultimately represents me?

So, I went into Illustrator to quickly sketch a little further, and I have my favorite :)


Now on to the design...

[Final Update]

So after going through the motions, trying to figure out how represent myself and budding business on a single double sided card, I finally decided to stay with the branches concept. I kept the colors monochromatic, because I'm indecisive when it comes to designing for myself. In the end I really love how it came out. Any other thoughts would be super appreciated!

After looking more into the Jukebox card types, I decided my ultimate card would be a 2-ply natural birch wood card with white recycled backing, and the branches embossed on the front (maybe I need simpler branches?). I don't know if that'd be possible, but in my head it looks gorgeous.



Mock-up from

Thank you Jon for the awesome class (the first SS class I've ever finished a project for!). It opened my eyes to the unique possibilities of not only business cards, but printing design in general. I'll definitely be referencing these lessons in the future :D


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