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Nicole Anderson

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Anobrain Art Optimization

Hi Kristen! I'm really enjoying this course, and can't wait to optimize my website and maybe gain a few more SM followers and list subscribers.

According to Website Grader, my site (Anobrain Art) is OK. I'm not OK with that of course.


My problems lie mainly with caching (which I thought I had - guess not!), page size (too many different plugins I'm guessing), and page requests/speed.


To start fixing this I'll:

  • Install a caching pluging
  • Uninstall plugins I don't need
  • Make sure plugins aren't conflicting
  • Reduce the size of my images (I'm pretty sure that even though they're resized, I forgot to change from 300ppi to 72!)

I'm also going to work on my sidebar.

So once that's done hopefully I get a better score. Then I'll move on to, gasp, trying to grow my mailing list, and social media. Will update soon!


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