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AnoNation: Capture, Anotate and Share your Projects

Meet Suzy. Suzy is a project manager, which means she’s constantly juggling different departments, clients and deliverables.

The engineering department loves to use whiteboards. They sketch and brainstorm their ideas for Suzy and the clients. Suzy wants to capture these to show the clients a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what goes into their project.

The IT department prefers using digital images and links from their iPads to show Suzy how their end of the project is coming along. They send her lots of screenshots and images and right now, Suzy has to print these out and scribble notes or annotate them before sending them on to other departments.

On the shop floor, the people building the final product show Suzy their progress. Suzy needs to take pictures of some problem areas. It’d be quicker for her to annotate the picture itself rather than printing it out.

Suzy’s clients want to have meetings where they can brainstorm ideas together, make new notes about the projects progress and have these sent to them.

I want Suzy to be able to manage all of these media changes by being able to take pictures, make notes on the pics and to go with them and then being able to share these ‘project books’ through multiple outlets, including email, facebook, etc.

Introducing AnoNation - a tool for photographing, annotating images, and sharing ‘project books’ with teams and clients.

Sketch: Basic Interface layou

Sketch: Button Functions

Sketch: Change font sizes

Sketch: Examples of Annotation: draw shapes, arrows, add text

Sketch: Simple color wheel to pick a color for anotations

Sketch: Example of how the layers might work: on/off, name and a grab tool for reordering

I don’t know if I’m being over ambitious, but there’s a ton of other features I want to add, including having project books, being able to label contacts to specific books, so that any incoming project files can be automatically associated with a given project books and more.


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