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Alyssa Demirjian

Director of Content & Partnerships at Skillshare




Brainstorm of Annoying Things

I'm going to start drafting my list of "annoying" things here, and then update the project later with my written drafts!

  1. People who demand a lot of personal space on public transportation (large bags, hogging a subway pole, etc.)
  2. How holiday decorations seem to come out earlier and earlier every year
  3. Forgetting your umbrella at restaurants
  4. Not having an umbrella when it's raining
  5. Customer service that puts you on hold forever
  6. Internet not working
  7. Instagram collages where you can't see the individual pictures
  8. People who crowd the baggage carousel at the airport

I'm kind of into #7, but I'll probably push myself to list another 15-20 before I make a final decision. Let me know if any stand out to you!


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