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I've decided to write my screenplay based on the poem Pauline Barrett from the Spoon River Anthology. Whilst reading the poem it conjured up images of an aging beauty queen grappling with a deep dissatisfaction in her life. Her husband trying to keep their marriage alive when they both know it is probably nearing its deathbed. Then her realisation that she can't carry on living a half life and so she ends it. 

It reminds me of the Marilyn Monroe story in some ways.

My interpretation of the poem is that this woman is lonely, deeply insecure and narcississtic. I don't think her sadness stems from the marriage or the surgery, I think it's been a part of her life for a long time. My intention is to set this story in modern times. This is my first time attempting an adaptation so I'm not entirely sure how 'true' you have to stay to the piece of work, even though it was published in 1916 there is nothing in the poem that suggests I need to stick to this time period. 

Will try and upload a rough draft soon! :)


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