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Anniversary Boards

I took this class because I was asked to letter 3 chalkboards for a 10th anniversary party of the restaurant I work at. It was super useful since I learned little tips and tricks (especially the wet towel and holding the tail!) that made the entire process easier. I didn't realize how tricky and imprecise chalk could be, especially when working on a small scale so that was a great learning challenge. I received lots of positive feedback from both my coworkers and guests which was awesome!

*Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of my sketches or progress because I was pressed for time! :(


This was the first board that I did. I pulled some ideas from the interwebz to decide how I should style the "10". I like the little detail of the skewer in between "Sumika Grill" (a Japanese restaurant that serves yakitori, or grilled skewers). It was the most well-thought out and time-consuming and consequently the best one IMO!


El numero dos! I had to really rush at this point since the party was going to start soon and I still had two more boards to do! I used the flourishing techniques I learned in the class. I like the simple style of this one, though I wish I calculated the placement or flourishing better so that there's less of a negative space up on top.


The last one! This one was also done in a jiffy but I quite like this one since it's more of my style that I'm comfortable with.

Thanks for an awesome class! Because of this, I've been officially dubbed the chalkboarder for the restaurant and will get more chances to explore styles and practice!


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