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Annihilated in Love

I chose to adapt the story of Caroline Branson from 'The Spoon River Anthology'. This project intrigued me as is shows a passionate love affair, but also begs the question on whether  we will have a second chance in another life...are certain souls meant to meet in many lives or does destiny only encompass the present?

In this project I hope to surround you in love, life, death and the possibility of another life in another time. 

I really love the idea of possibly having a chance in another life so it was very interesting and fun to be able to think of this poem in that way. I also wanted to focus on a very specific time which encompasses death, but also show a glimpse of this empassioned love that gets two people to a certain place. 

Logline: A young woman dares to fall in love with the wrong man when she is already betrothed to another bringing about a pact of death in the hopes of reincarnation.

7/12/2014 Finally bought final draft and was able to put in proper format. Please enjoy and I welcome any and all feedback!

First official draft in correct format; second draft all together. 

-I edited and added a little more content. 



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