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Annie Mathews

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Hi everyone, I'm excited to start this project!

I have also taken Martina's previous class, and I hope to start my project on that soon too.

I filled about a dozen pages, and I realised early on that I'm not that comfy with swirls and swashes. I really like script lettering but maybe it's my inexperience that is making me not love what I'm creating.

I tried writing with a few pens; Uniball signo (a bit leaky, but I liked the blobs), a Faber Castell PITT artist pen and the brush tip of a Tombow.


I decided to keep things simple. I chose a version of my name with a flourish just on the capital A.


Here is another example.


I decided to try and vectorize the first sketch, and I may come back to the 2nd sketch later.



The result so far feels pretty safe, but I'm happy to go slow and steady for now.


1st update: 03-Aug-2015

I'm not really loving my previous attempt, so I had another go using my calligraphy nibs. I think these are more expressive, so I will use something from these pages to explore further.

Nib: Nikko G


Nib: Brause Extra Fine


2nd update: 10-Aug-2015

More sketches. I am finding it hard to come up with different flourishes. I could wrestle with this for so long, but I'm going to try and work with something in the sketches that follow.


Tracing #1 is quite angular and close to the original calligraphy. Tracing #2 is slightly more curved and the spacing is less dense, plus it's quite wonky!


3rd update: 15-Aug-2015

After many, many hours of fiddling with anchor points I have come up with something that's ok. It's by no means as polished as I want, but hey, if it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something, I have about 9,500 hours to go!

I fiddled with the swash for a long time; where to have the thick and thins. I knew that whatever I came up with wasn't going to be thrilling, but to meet the deadline I just had to go with something.

I was trying to plot the minimal number of anchor points (and to keep then horizontal and vertical as much as possible), I was partially successful with that. I can totally see how a person could lose days of their lives with this task..!


I attempted to do a vector drop shadow, but I was running out of time to do that any justice. I opted to have Photoshop apply the drop shadow, and I placed the image on top of an old watercolour texture of mine.

This has been a great class. Thanks Martina!



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