Annette K. My first GIF.

Annette K. My first GIF. - student project

What a great lesson!!!

I didn't know anything about GIFs before. So much fun to make this. And super easy - thanks to your - Brookes - eminent lesson. You are a fantastic teacher and explain and demonstrate so well. Your style is different from what I have seen before here on skillshare. You speak very fast and also demonstrate very quick. But I like that since I can slow down your video when needed and also read transcripts if necessary. So continue as you do. Perfect for this type of lessons.

I recommend this class to everyone. Super fun and super easy and super fast.

Annette K. My first GIF. - image 1 - student project


Made a GIF from the workshop I am currently doing. Also Brookes' where I learn how to draw and shade. Made the elephant drawing in the workshop and now created a GIF. I love it!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your talent and knowledge Brookes !!!

Annette K. My first GIF. - image 2 - student project