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Angelica Ovcharenko

Flash banners designer



Anne of Green Gables


For my project I choose book that I love very much: "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I knew this book very good and I was not needed in writing words about it, they are always in my mind :) But now I write my words for you:

  • Childhood
  • Green Gables (green roofs also)
  • Farmers
  • Red head
  • Apple tree flowers
  • Sleeves flashlights
  • Friendship
  • Imagination
  • Soulmates
  • Nature, trees, flowers, water
  • School
  • Kindness

I highlited those which I used in my work.

At first I wanted my letter (obviously A) look twisty, have some fairy look (book is not so fairy, but for me I wanted some fairy look). I just drew something for getting right feeling, and then I got the idea that A may contain a window in it's hole. Then I decided to make letter very simple and fill with roof texture and make a window in it. Here my two sketches of this thoughts (I have no Art Director, so I just took a photo and show you. It's grey, haha, yeah):


I decided to work with right sketch. There I drew some branches and apple flowers and something like flashlights sleeves in the pattern :)

Then I gone to the Internet and take a look at real Green Gables photos. My husband also told me that there might be not tile on the roof because those people are peasants. I know less about roofs actually :) On photos I saw very plain design of a house and no... those thing for detecting wind direction) flyugel? But I decided to leave it, because I like it. I redraw my sketch to make a window more realistic, square and boring and make it more looks like gable. And I tried to redraw texture on the roof more like those wich I has seen on photos. I don't like this new texture and decided to return to first concept with tile.


I drew a cock on top of the roof and return tile texture.


Then I make more experiments on both my sketches. I added some curves on letter for right sketch.


And then I started to make it digital. I draw letterform and draw texture of tile, then fill letter with it. Ad redraw all. I feel lazy to draw cock and decided just to draw heart instead it. Also it keeps drawing minimalistic. I made some experiments with colors and stay on this palette. I choose also orange color, like red head, but I don't find a place for it. I tried to make a orange window but it looks bad, window becomes very outstanding from all.



Also I have this picture with little color difference. I think that first is better, but not sure. First more whole and deep, but this one more happy maybe.

Also I drew those nice curves on letter that I have on my last sketch, but they make my picture chaotic and I used to delete it.



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