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Anne of Green Gables

I am Visual Communications major and my first project this semester was to create a book wrap. I immediately thought of this class and thought that a pattern would be such a unique way to approach this project.

My mood board:

 I set out to sketching small image ideas in my sketchbook

Usually when I want to transfer sketches into illustrator, I spend many long hours with the pen tool. This time, however, I *finally* figured out how to use the much ignored Cintiq in my classroom. It worked like a dream and I'm dreaming of owning a Intuos Pro someday. I primarily used the brush tool and the blob tool. I'm curious if anyone has tips about which tool is best to use when doing hand drawings in illustrator using a tablet.

Then, after about three hours of just arranging my items, I've come up with this:

I wanted it to be pretty full and busy.

A more repeated version for you:

Things I'm not finished with:

I'm not sure if the boat should stay green. It was all light blue and stuck out a lot. At this point, I've been looking at it so much, everything blends together for me. I'd love to hear someone else's opinion.

I'm also going to add a face of somekind in the mirror/frame. I haven't decided yet if it will be a silhoutte or an illustration of Anne. Any opinions on that? 

My original idea for the book was to wrap it in this pattern, like it was the fabric of the book. (I'm looking into Spoonflower). And then I would create a half-wrap for the title, description, barcode, etc. Another idea would be to cover the wrap with this pattern and then use blocks of white(?) transparency over the areas I need text. Ideas and suggestions are welcome! I'll post the final book on here once it's completed, graded, and returned to me!

Update: 1/19/15

I had some issues getting the merge step to work, but I've made some of the changes! 


I turned in my project today so here's my final project update:

I ordered my pattern on fabric from I went with a white background instead of the grey for two reasons: 1) It's a light hearted story and because I wasn't sure how the colors would come out, (and I didn't have time to order just a swatch) I decided to stay with the white to make sure it didn't  get too dark. 2) My professor agreed with me on number one. 

And then I went ahead and wrapped my books and put on my dust jackets! 



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