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Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

I loved this class but boy did I dread the actual assignment. I knew I wanted to do my favorite book from childhood - Anne of Green Gables. But the story is so rich and full of characters and events that it felt a little overwhelming to choose a direction.


My first instinct was to draw Anne's braids. As a redhead myself, that was one of the things that had always drawn me to the story and helped to identify with Anne. I tried out a lot of ideas in sketch form - whimsical, imaginative lettering, the M as the broken slate, Green Gables itself -  but kept coming back to the braids.




I refined my sketch (let's face it, I worked to step up my braid game because that first sketch was NOT good) and worked off of that.


While I usually work in Illustrator, I almost never use the pen tool. I hand draw my artwork with pencil and paper and then trace it using Live Trace (I know...) or the blob brush tool, so using the pen tool for this assignment was a challenge for me. I was very happy with the end result though, and feel that it still has a hand-drawn look about it.



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