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Amanda Jozaitis

Printmaker & Graphic Designer



Anne of Green Gables - Help me decide on a sketch!

Phase 3: 1st sketches, I will probably chose one and do more elaborate sketches.

Concept 1 - Art Nouveau feel, ornate. Flowers, plants and trees which were very descriptive theme in the book. Plants also a symbol for growth, life and death. Tall and slender form - like Anne's character.

Concept 2 - Friendship "twist" and an illustration of green gables in the heart of the shape. Art Nouveau feel but very organic and nature-like, ornate. Flowers, plants and trees which were very descriptive theme in the book. Plants also a symbol for growth, life and death. Tall and slender form - like Anne's character.

Concept 3 - Anne's appearance. Tall, slender shape. Braids, carpet-bag that she carries, and brown sailer hat that she wears. Victorian feel.

Concept(s) 4: School themed. Anne studies hard and reads a lot of books. Iconic scene, breaking slate over Gilbert's head. So these A shapes are made out of books and pages of a book. Slates are cracked, but maybe could be emphasised more.

* This might be my least favorite concept.

Phase 2: Re-reading the book, taking notes

It has been several years since I have read Anne of Green Gables (although I have watched the movies many times since), so I decided to re-read it and take notes:

Lucielle Maude Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables - Anne Shirley - Anne with an E - Gilbert Blythe - Marilla & Mathew Cuthbert - Diana Barry - Mrs. Barry - Rachel Lynde - Orphan - Mistake - Asked for boy, got a girl - Kindred Spirits - Bosom friend - red hair - freckles - brown sailor hat - ratty wincy dress - puffed sleeves desired - apron - carpet bag - lost broach - getting into scrapes - imagination - making up stories - daydreaming - overly-talkative - hold-tongue - intelligent - uses big words - odd personality - temper - ill-mannered - Canada - Prince Edwards Island - Horse & Buggy - Love - Family - Hope - memories - school - top of class - slate breaking - carrots - braids - boys teasing girls - regret - stubborn - holding grudges - The Light of Shining Waters - Dryads Bubble - White Way to Delight - Heroic - the croup - Diana Drunk - Raspberry Cordial - Wine - Avonlea - Green Gables - Farm - Mathew Heart-Attack - Haunted wood - gossip - judgmental - beau - practical vs. vanity - train - waiting - strychnine in well - burn down house - sleeping in cherry trees - thin, pale, big mouth & big green gray eyes - apologizing - rose leaf complexion, starry violet eyes - hyper descriptive - imagines different than reality - Divinley beautiful or dazzingly clever or angelically good? - "The Avenue" - Depths of Despair - Dyeing hair black turns green - graveyard of burried hopes - white sands hotel - atlantic ocean - imaginary friends - grape blossom - flowers - mayflowers - roses - peonies - fog - mist - death - Queens - exams - school - education - teaching - homesich - growing up - recitals - poetry - pale moon - elegance - bright and cheerful - dark - Redmond College - Avery Scholarship - foolishness, dares - selling home - sacrifices - losing sight - opera, dances, balls - competition - Mrs. Allan - church - religion - sermons - wicked, heathen - picnic - grave - Bank gone under - fields - meadows - fairies, dryads - Lover's Lane - cooking gone bad - Miss Stacey - novels - christmas - feminism - Josie Pye - Ruby Gillis - Jane Andrews - orchard blossom - narcissus - proud - chill autumn dusk - tea - twilight - saffron - firry hills - poplars - fireflies - enchanting - ridgepole dare - broken leg - dew - amyethist, peal, silver, rose, smoke, blue - birch path - rice lillies - 1908 novel - Evelyn Nesbit

After reading the story, some strong initial ideas/themes before sketching:

I still feel the letter "A" is the best choice for this project

The Victorian/Art Nouveau time period

The many flowers, plants and lanscape described often in the book


Friendship / kindred spirits theme

Imagination & daydreams, can't decipher reality from thoughts

Practicality vs. Vanity

beauty, cheerfulness, brightness, hope, love, ambition, rich vs. darkness, fog, mist, death, sacrifice, grudges, temper, poor

Growing up, learning from mistakes

descriptive, ornate


Anne's Appearance


Phase 1: Choosing a Book

I am choosing the book, Anne of Green Gables, my ultimate favorite story (that I have read a dozen of times, including the other 7 books in the series) that I have carried with me since middle school.

Things to note:

- Anne's personality, ambition, sassiness and intelligence - strong-willed girl/woman

- Anne's appearance - red hair, braided pig-tails (big poufy victorian hair as she gets older) tall and thin, freckles, straw hat, puffed sleaved dresses, narrow-laced shoes, carpet-bag suitcase

- Anne's love for literature, reading, being dramatic, a teacher

- The Victorian/Art Nouveau time period

- Green Gables (and Canadian landscape), the home and farm that Anne lived in once she was adopted - full of hope and memories

- Long carriage rides and walks through dirt roads and trails

- The back & forth romance between Anne & Gilbert (chalkboard slate scene)

- Friendship with Diana Barry, and other kindred spirtis

- Life lessons


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